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Informationally accurate!
I ordered this book for a friend, and she told me "We just got On the Construction Site. My husband works at an architecture/engineering firm. He said that this book isn't just fun with a flashlight, it's actually very informationally accurate on the process of construction! Great for any little boy who's into building/cars."
Date: 6/29/2015 1:21 PM
Excellent informational book with strong female characters!
My two year old absolutely loves this book, because he loves diggers and the magic of the flashlight makes him say "Wow!" over and over.
I also love how educational it is about the process of building a skyscraper and how many women are represented in the book as construction workers and as an electrician on one page.
There is also a lot of diversity in all the different people in the book which I really appreciate!
Date: 6/30/2015 10:16 PM
Wonderfully illustrated!
Bought a copy for my 1 and 6 year old sons and wound up buying a second copy for my parent's house since my dad is a builder. LOVE!!
Date: 8/13/2015 2:13 AM
Wow informationally and the Pictures!
I work in the construction industry and was very excited to order this book for the my son, I get excited every time we read it the pictures are unbelievable and flash light fun add to it, and the information is just top of the line!! Well done!!  
Date: 8/26/2015 11:19 AM
My son's favorite!
Out of the shine-a-light books we own this is my 2.5 year old sons very favorite. It is a topic that is interestong to him and he loves the fact that when you shine a light behind the pages, images appear. My only complaint is that the pages are easy to tear and many of our pages have small tears on the edges.
Date: 9/16/2015 2:47 PM
Great book!
This is a great book for kids that are interested in learning about construction! Lots of information and shining the flashlight behind the pictures make it so fun! I will be buying more of these flashlight books!
Date: 10/23/2015 8:56 PM
Cute but...
This book is really cute for kids. My son loves holding the flashlight but it gets a little tricky to hold the book, the page and sometimes holding the flashlight too. Its more of an informative book than a story and sometimes my son doesn't even want to read it but just look at the pictures.
Date: 10/27/2015 4:34 PM
Not my favorite in the series
All of the Shine-A-Light books are amazing, but this one doesn't keep my kids' attention as well.
Date: 1/2/2016 9:39 PM
cute but tricky to hold at first
My son loves this book and it is very informative! But at first it is hard to figure out how to juggle the book while holding the flashlight behind the pages, but once you get the hang of it, it really is a fun book. My son wants to read it every night! Note: get a mini kids flashlight and it will be much easier to use!
Date: 2/11/2016 1:09 PM
Construction is Fun!
For the first 3 weeks after we received this book, my son had me read it every night... After the third week, we started adding to the story in the book to talk about the people on the pages and what else they could be doing on the construction site.  Very memorable reading!  I have also ordered him another shine a light book for his prize box.
Date: 4/17/2016 9:48 PM
Fun look at the building process
I have 2 girls so we did not have any books about building for construction design but since Daddy does this kind of work I was drawn to this over the animal books. My 4 year old loves it. She really likes flashlights which made this book type fun. She liked seeing the people and machines the best. Seeing dirt and building materials were less exciting for her. I really like the story. It was written well for a young audience but also very informative. My daughter really likes the sound affect words. It helps draw her back in when she starts to loose interest.
Date: 4/22/2016 1:23 PM
So great! Unlike anything else!
We LOVE the Shine-a-Light series! They're unlike anything we've ever read before. And what kid doesn't love a flashlight? My construction loving preschooler loves this book and shining the flashlight on the pages. The book is not just fun but also informative (like so many other Usborne Books & More books!), showing the goings-on at a construction site and how a building is built!
Date: 6/16/2016 8:37 PM
Great for girls, too!
My daughters (2, 3, and 5) love all of the shine-a-light books. This was actually one of my favorites! It's super informative.
Date: 7/22/2016 6:58 PM
I think the shine a light books are amongst my favorite books for kids! They are unique and  full of great information! Would highly recommend any of them!
Date: 8/25/2016 2:47 PM
Shine a light on the construction site
My 3 year old LOVES this book! Our consultant recommended it and we read it about every single night, often a couple times a day. Not only is it fun but he is learning so much from these books about real world stuff!
Date: 9/22/2017 8:39 AM
Concrete Mixer
The wording in this book is incorrect. There is no such thing as a cement mixer, it is called a concrete mixer.
Date: 10/11/2017 10:58 PM
Pipes and Wires
I've enjoyed many books in this series and On the Construction Site is no exception. I particularly enjoy the page that shows what's inside the walls. It's neat to see the hidden pipes and wires.
Date: 1/12/2018 12:47 PM
Not as impressive as I thought it would be
I bought 3 shine a light books - construction site, seashore, and human body.  They are good books and it’s a great concept but it’s very awkward to hold and shine a light behind it!  Also it lights up the words too, so more than just the “picture” appears.  The pages tear easily, which I guess was necessary to be able to see through.  I think maybe some kind of glow in the dark or other feature would have been better than this.  These are not my favorite books.
Date: 7/7/2018 8:47 PM