School Library Journal, STARRED
The relationship between the human and beast is developed seamlessly through the narrative and imagery, and there is a considerable amount of conflict and suspense as the story unwinds. The illustrations add fun supporting details to the text, and the typeface of the narrative further adds to the spooky feel. VERDICT A comical read with many delightfully creepy mentions, this tale captures the wonder of developing unique friendships.
Kirkus Reviews
With Sir Gutguzzler and other monstrous friends all sending formal RSVPs, each missive a glued-in, folded feature for little fingers to tease apart, Beast is looking forward to a memorable repast. But "Dinner," a small child with light brown skin and an engaging mop of reddish curls, keeps suggesting improvements. Instead of fattening Dinner up with "putrid swill," how about some chocolate cake? Rather than adding just a sprinkle of salt and a bare dip into a tub of slime, why not enjoy delightful outings to the sea and the local swamp? Soon Beast is thinking that Dinner doesn't look like dinner any moreā€¦and Beast isn't looking so beastly to the child, either. But what to feed the guests?